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How to Impress your High-Profile Clientele

Cleaning the office, throwing together last minute presentations, booking dinners and events, organizing an itinerary- when you have a high-profile clientele visiting your office, there are many things that need to be done in order to impress them and ensure they have a productive and nice visit. We know how stressful it can be having clients visit the office, especially high-profile ones that require your company’s utmost attention. Follow our tips below on how to impress your high-profile clientele on their next business trip!

Have your entire staff dress professionally

Work dress codes have evolved over the years from business to casual business attire, with most offices allowing employees to wear jeans on a daily basis. In the event you do have high-profile clientele visiting, nix the casual dress code and swap it for either traditional business attire (men wear formal suits/sports jackets with ties, dress shoes and business shirts while women wear pantsuits or skirt suits with blouses and closed toe shoes) or a stricter business casual (men wear khakis or dress pants with collared shirts while women wear dress pants, skirts or dresses). When your high-profile clientele visits the office they’ll be impressed by how professional your staff is!

Plan a meeting outside of the office

No one wants to meet inside an office all day every day of a business trip; half the fun of traveling for business is exploring new cities and what they have to offer! Our beautiful city has plenty of options for entertaining your client: restaurants, golf, bars- the list goes on.


By planning a meeting outside of the office, not only is your client going to feel refreshed, it also gives you an opportunity to step out of the office and experience a new environment that can spark new ideas.

Arrange for transportation

Clients visiting from out of town won’t be as familiar as you are, so arranging transportation for the duration of their visit will not only make them feel more comfortable, but will show them you care about their safety while navigating around town from their hotel to business meetings and events. The Service that offers a corporate transportation service to meet the needs of your high-profile clientele. By choosing your service, you’re choosing a transportation provider that will reflect your professional image and will ensure your clients arrive to each meeting in a timely manner. Our experienced and professionally trained chauffeur staff always puts safety first and offers an excellent experience for your clients by being courteous, knowledgeable and dressed in a traditional black suit uniform, a perfect fit for your high-profile clientele! You need a service that can assist with the following corporate transportation services:

  • Airport pick ups and drop offs
  • Hotel pick ups and drop offs
  • Business meetings
  • Golf outings & more (we have several vehicles in our fleet that have enough space to fit everyone’s golf clubs!)

Anyone who isn’t familiar with town will be impressed if their transportation is arranged and they can avoid having to rent a vehicle and navigate around an unfamiliar city.


By following the tips above, your high-profile clientele is going to have an enjoyable business trip that will leave a lasting impression. All clients deserve to be treated well, but when it comes to high-profile ones, you definitely want to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

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Things To Avoid When Traveling On Business

Business executives always seem to be on a tighter-than-planned schedule. And while you have organized a private car to take you to your meeting, your self-care doesn’t end there. Try to avoid the following faux pas, in order for your business trip to take a lesser toll on your well-being.


Yes, the schedule is overwhelming, more often than not. And yes, you probably travel several times a week, perhaps even internationally. Getting enough quality sleep seems a tall order. But it doesn’t have to be. And we do not mean taking a nap in a private car. Always try to get a good eight-hour sleep before setting off on a business trip. How can you expect to give a hundred percent if your body’s not as fit as a fiddle?


Business trip schedules are packed, and that’s a fact. But they don’t have to be hectic and strenuous. Always plan the “me” time ahead. The first thing you should look into when creating the schedule is the hotel with its amenities. If there’s a sauna, plan a steaming. Taking a trip to the spa or having a massage can also go a long way. Or simply allocate enough time for a peaceful lunch. Recharge your batteries as often as possible.


Cars need fuel to operate, and humans need food and liquid to function. You should always reserve enough time to have a proper meal. In case you simply cannot do so, pack a snack – sandwiches or salads are always a good choice. And try to not go anywhere without a bottle of water. Thirst can seriously affect your capacity to think and act, so be prepared.


As interesting as it is finding yourself in a new and unfamiliar location, try not to get distracted while the work hasn’t been finished. You will hopefully have enough time for sightseeing and souvenir shopping once the meetings are through. We do not stress this because of the lack of time though, but because of energy loss. Do not strain yourself on activities you think are relaxing, but can actually prove tiring. Instead, try to spend your down time actually resting and recuperating.


This is a common mistake that many businessmen make. Between the planning, the preparation, and the business trip itself, there is little time for language learning, right? Wrong. Always set time aside for learning even the basic phrases of the foreign country you are traveling to. Knowing the correct way to greet your business partners will make them feel appreciated and respected. It’s simply good etiquette. Not to mention the hotel staff and airport personnel who will, undoubtedly, be more pleasant if you address them in their own language.


Business trips are exhausting and stressful, so make them less so. The least you can do is treat yourself to a luxurious and comfortable ride. Our service has a vehicle to your taste, we guarantee it.

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How To Prepare For A Business Trip


When packing for your business travel, you should focus just on the essentials. Making a checklist will help you pack more efficiently, so write down everything you’ll need for a few days, from personal hygiene products and clothing to your business documents. Afterward, you can use this checklist every time you pack, which will speed up this process.


Instead of chasing after taxis or making your way through public transport, you should definitely consider booking an airport car service. This will take all the stress away from your business trip because you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams, being late for your flight or carrying your luggage around. Instead, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride while your experienced chauffeur takes you to your destination.


You should go through your travel documents and prepare them for the trip. Check if you have everything ready and make sure to keep them neatly organized. You should also apply for travel insurance before your trip. Keeping your travel documents always in the same place will make your travel much easier and prevent you from accidentally forgetting something.


If you book an executive car service, arriving at the airport a bit earlier won’t be an issue. In fact, your chauffeur will ensure that you’re there right on time. Airport transportation services monitor all incoming flights, so they’re up to date with arrivals and possible cancellations. You just need to get ready and meet your driver who will take care of the rest. Don’t worry about traffic jams either because you’ll get an experienced chauffeur who knows different routes and can easily avoid unnecessary delays.


When traveling for business, your company typically makes all the arrangements. If, however, you need to make a hotel reservation, take some time to research your options. You need to find a comfortable hotel where you can relax and prepare for your business meetings and presentations. Your chauffeur will take you there, so you don’t have to waste your time getting around a city.


With our service, your business travel will be truly enjoyable and stress-free. We will meet all of your needs and help you impress your business partners. We also offer special amenities that can take your trip to a more luxurious level. Our chauffeurs are reliable, trustworthy, licensed and completely dedicated to rendering an above-par customer service. Once you book with us, the rest of your trip will be a breeze because we’ll take care of everything.



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Special Events Made Better

Have you ever seen an individual or group being chauffeured in a limousine or other luxurious vehicle and felt slightly envious of them knowing they’re most likely attending an extravagant event and are having the time of their lives being driven all around town while you’re driving yourself to your destination? Have you ever wondered where that individual or group were being transported to? A wedding?

Truth is, that individual or group could have been headed anywhere. There are so many special events and occasions where booking a transportation service can exceed your expectations for the entire day/evening. If you’re wondering what special events are made better by booking a transportation service, keep reading so you can make your next day/night on the town even better by booking a transportation service!


Prom – it’s the one school event most teens look forward to from the time they enter high school. From searching for the perfect prom dress/tux to eating at an extravagant restaurant and dancing the night away with friends, what’s not to look forward to?

Not only does booking prom transportation keep your child safe, it’s also more fun for them and their friends if they show up to prom in a luxurious limousine, sedan or SUV, complete with a well groomed chauffeur dressed in traditional back suit uniform! Your child will get to spend the entire evening with their friends, being chauffeured to dinner and prom, creating memories they’ll never forget.


Everyone is familiar with how stressful a wedding day can be. From hair appointments to final reception walkthroughs, one of the best days of your life can also be one of the most stressful until you walk down that aisle.

By hiring a chauffeur-driven transportation service, you’ll have peace of mind and feel less stressed knowing you won’t have to worry about driving and coordinating rides for your bridal party – and if you hire Express Cars London, we promise your wedding transportation will run smoothly.



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Corporate Airport Transfers

Do you currently work for a corporation in UK, specifically in the London area? There are many businesses that offer these services for corporate executives. Many of them offer what are called corporate cabs which are essentially dedicated taxis which operate in the old Coast area that will provide transfer services for those that are traveling on business. This article will show you how to evaluate the different companies in the London area that offer corporate Airport transfers, allowing you to choose the best company that offers excellent prices and service. What Are Corporate Airport Transfers?

In airport transfer our prearranged forms of transportation that are provided by specialty companies such as taxis, shuttles, and limousines. They are prepaid, usually online, or you can use a travel agent or booking service. Essentially, these companies will be able to arrange the transportation between an airport and a person traveling on business to their final destination. In regard to corporations, corporate Airport transfers are designed to make it easier for corporate executives, or employees of the corporation, to travel without having to worry about their itinerary.

How To Find Corporate Airport Transfer Companies In London

In most cases, you will have business associates that will be able to tell you what businesses they are working with and their experience with these companies as well. You will be able to use their recommendation to avoid choosing the wrong company, as well as save yourself time finding one of these companies.

Choosing The Best Companies To Work With

When you go on the Internet, you can find several companies in the London that will offer these types of services. You can usually book these business transfers on the web, paying with an online credit card after signing up with an account. You can also call these companies and talk to them directly, treating the airport transfers that you need. Depending upon your funding, where you are going, and the type of service you are looking for, you can make your choice between the many corporate Airport transfer companies in the London area.

Using these simple tips, you should be able to find a company that will help you or your employees get to their destination. Traveling is something that should be easy and pain-free, and that’s why you should always use corporate airport transfers when traveling in and out of the London area.

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Why Car Hire Is Not Better Than Private Airport Transfers

When you need to travel to and from the airport, there are plenty of travel options that you may get to choose from. However, it has often been observed that most people hire car services thinking that it gives them more flexibility and freedom. However, there are many liabilities and responsibilities that come with car hire, which can drive anyone crazy for that matter. This is the reason there’s been a recent shift to airport transfers. Since air travel can itself be a stressful experience, no one really likes to get into the hassle of hiring car services and then paying heavy amount for the gas and parking. The airport transfers make a convenient and easy way to reach the desired destination. Here are some benefits of hiring Private airport transfers over private car hire.

Chances Of Getting Lost

If you decide to travel alone by a self-driven car, you are likely to get lost in the streets, especially if you’re a first time visitor. Moreover, driving immediately after a hectic flight can be really risky. There are chances that you might feel dizzy and sleep deprived, which can greatly affect your driving skills. So if you really want to avoid hassles that could leave you in a bad situation, it is best to hire private airport transfers.

Gas Is Expensive

Gas is expensive everywhere. The biggest drawback of hiring a private car is that you also need to take care of the gas expenses. The vendors expect you to refill the tank before submitting the vehicle, which is not the case with airport transfers. All you have to pay for the distance covered. This helps you save a lot of money and time as well.

Car Parking

If you’re not familiar with the country you’ve visited, it would be wise to accept that every country in the world doesn’t have an organized parking system. Moreover, if you’re heading to your hotel, it may or may not have the parking facility. Hotels that offer parking facility usually charge could be really heavy on your pocket. On the other hand, hiring private airport transfers let you save bundle of money in this aspect as well.

Avoid Frustrations Of Driving

Are you someone who just cannot stand the hassles of traffic jams? Of course, after a hectic flight, no one would like to face the trauma of fighting off the blocked roads and traffic nuisance. With airport transfers even if you are stuck in traffic, you can plug in your earphones, listen to your favorite song and relax on the back seat, while the driver will do his/her work.

For all the above mention reasons, car Hire is not better then private airport transfers.



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Whether you need a single limousine for you and your spouse or a fleet of vehicles that will cater for your guests as well, there are a lot of logistics that go into booking wedding transportation. Being in the transportation business for many years, our Taxi London car service specialists would like to share a few great tips you should employ in booking transportation for your big day.

To start with, consider the reputation of the car service you intend to employ. The best way to determine the reliability and effectiveness of any car service is to go through the user reviews on their website and other platforms. The company itself may speak highly of itself even when that isn’t the case, but previous clients will always give an honest opinion of their experience, which is why they are more reliable. Consider employing the service of our Taxi London service for your transportation needs; we have a stellar reputation from the quality of service we have offered all our clients over the years and our user reviews speak for themselves. Now, here are a few more pointers on how to go about booking wedding transportation.

Book Early

We cannot emphasize this enough; you do not want to start rushing to book wedding transportation at the last minute. Once you have identified a company you can depend on, make the bookings immediately. Reliable companies have a steady stream of clientele and waiting till the last minute may mean that they do not have any vehicles available on the day of your wedding and it may be a nightmare finding another car service. We recommend booking transportation months before the actual wedding day to guarantee that, for starters, the vehicle/vehicles will be available and, secondly, that you get the models you want.

Read the Fine Print

Now that you have identified a car service you like, it’s time to make the arrangement and that means putting it on paper. In order to make it official you will receive a contract indicating the terms of service, the deposit needed, the total cost, the rate per hour, departure and arrival locations, refund and gratuity policies, the model of vehicles, and much more. Do not overlook any detail in the contract, you do not want to be surprised by any additional charges that may be incurred because you did not take the time to fully understand the terms of the agreement. Make sure you especially understand the all-inclusive cost in order to tailor your budget around that figure.

Make a Playlist

As much as booking wedding transportation is business, you should not take it so seriously as to overlook the magic of the occasion. We recommend creating a great playlist before the day that you and your spouse-to-be can vibe to on your way to and from the ceremony. In case you don’t have enough time you could also ask your service provider to compile a playlist for you.



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Make Your Taxi Business More Successful – Get a Website

As a taxi business owner, you want your taxi services to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Not only that, but you want the public to praise your fleets, your dispatchers to work tirelessly without any mistakes, and your cabbies to provide service with a smile. These are lofty ambitions, but if anyone can do it, it’s you and your taxi business – and the Taxi Websites team is here to help with 3 pro strategies to make your taxi business more successful!

Cheaper Taxi Services Are Not Necessarily Better

Many taxi business owners make the fatal mistake of advertising the lowest prices. The problem with this strategy is two-fold:

  • Cheaper customers are not loyal customers.
  • A menial income is no way to run a business.

When you advertise your taxi services to the cheapest customers, you are neglecting a more affluent audience who does not worry about prices. Instead, you will get a client base that will desert your taxi business in droves as soon as a nearby competitor lowers their prices.

Identify an Audience

If you are not going to advertise your low prices, then what else is there to discuss? Well, there’s plenty of other perks to mention once you choose a target demographic.

  • The wealthy – the upper class needs taxi services, and they are willing to pay top dollar. If you want to capture this audience, be prepared to have the best cars, plenty of personal amenities, and a list of well-trained drivers for them to choose For the best results, have an exclusive VIP number that is not publicly listed.
  • Business commuters – maybe they are going to a train station, or maybe they are going straight to work. Either way, these businessmen travel frequently and are always in need of a reliable service that will be on time, every time. Many of these workers have a paid-for business account that they are willing to break into for your premium taxi services.
  • Students – even though they are, without a doubt, the cheapest possible customer you can get, they are numerous and need a lot of rides. You may even want to make special discounts for them and create partnerships with local bars.

Website will increase your business

Having a good taxi website is what allows customers to book your services ahead of time. This way, the customer can easily arrange for a cab whenever they need – even after hours – and more quickly than by any other means. In addition, you will be freeing up the phone lines and reducing overhead expenditures.

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Why a simple and elegant car dealer website design is important

When it comes to your car dealer website, we’ve 3 words of advice: ‘Simplicity is Elegance.’ White spaces and simple shapes can give your auto dealer website a powerful and more professional persona.

Here are some reasons to go with an elegant, tastefully designed car dealer website.

Reason 1: Eye Scanning is Easier

No one has the patience to read through the full textual content on your website. Instead, most website visitors just scan through it. With a simple yet elegant web design, even web crawlers find it easier to scan it within a short span of time.

This increases visitors, in turn increasing website traffic.

Reason 2: Better User Experience

A simplified design provides a far more positive user experience during navigation within the car dealer website.

Here are a few tips to simplify your website design.

  • Work on your homepage for well segmented and formatted textual content. It should be easy to read, with the main takeaways highlighted
  • Limit the calls-to-action on your home page to the most important tasks, and highlight them

Reason 3: Wards off the pushy feel

Many car dealer websites appear quite flashy, with complex designs that convey a pushy feel. On the other hand, a simplified design brings clarity that will increase the stickiness of your auto dealer website.

It is easier to blend calls-to-action with the ongoing conversation, with a simplified website design, and this reduces customer resistance to your sales pitch.

Reason 4: Website loads in the blink of an eye

Website loading time is one of the main criteria for improved SEO and user experiences. Without heavy images and features, your website loading time will be below 3 seconds, which means a reduced bounce rate.

Reason 5: Improves Conversion Rates

Most car dealerships are not aware of the fact that a simplified website design improves conversion rates.

Your website content will look clean and non-invasive, audiences will easily understand your value proposition and respond to your marketing better. All these will lead to increased conversion rates, and more car sales.

Of course, all of these web design considerations are taken care of when you opt for a next gen. responsive auto dealer website.

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Spring is just around the corner and the Spring holidays are well and truly upon us that means it is time to start planning and executing that much anticipated holiday. In order to plan the perfect Spring holiday, you need to start planning now so everything goes without a hitch.

The first thing to look for deals at fantastic value for money, and during the busy Spring season it’s a hard thing to do, but a little bet of prep work can go a long way. Doing so, you can jot down things you would like to have booked in advanced, which includes your airplane ticket, your hotel room at your holiday destination and the most important of all, booking airport transfer services well in advance.

Booking an airport transfer service isn’t an unnecessary extravagance, it is a mean to get you to and from the airport without a worry and you would understand the importance of pre booking your airport transfer service when you’re running late for the airport because you had so much to do with little time and you couldn’t leave for the airport in time and now you have to find a taxi and settle the fare and hope that you make it in time for your flight.

Well, you could have easily avoided all that by just pre-booking your airport transfer service, which would have been waiting outside your door to take you to the airport.

Being taken to the airport of your own choice can add something extra to your holiday, and it doesn’t stop there, you need to pre-book an airport transfer service for your holiday destination to avoid being swindled by local taxi drivers or getting lost.

Booking an airport transfer service for your Spring holiday is the most important thing you can do for yourself when you plan for your holidays this Spring. The added responsibility is on you if you’re leaving the country with your family or a group of friends. You can be the responsible one to have arranged a ride that can take everyone together to the airport, hence avoiding missing out on someone who is running late and eventually getting your flight cancelled.

These are the little things that can make or break your Spring holiday experience, and airport transfer services ensure that you get to and from the airport with ease and maximum comfort.



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